The Million-heir
Because i want to be a Millionaire


i like my brother i like games . i have a quiz for you. what is the capital of iran

i love tmnt. today i want to play bubble bobble heros and i want to play virtua cop

i love movie of cars. one of the characters is lightning mcqueen.



4 Responses to “anaconda”

  1. ABANG!
    when will you come visit makteh in new york?

  2. moshi-moshi big bro Muhammad ^_-

    What an ultimate cool boy!

    Wish you were in the great of health.

    Congratulation for your new blog *cuddles*

    Welcome to Blogging World.

    Keep on update, k?

    I’ll always pray for you my big boy. Amin~

    p/s: Me too love TMNT! I am a big fan of Michelangelo!

  3. Hi big brother Muhammad! My twins love Cars the movie too! They are only 1 year 10 months though. Uh-oh, you got me, I don’t know the answer to the quiz. What is the capital of Iran? Does it start with the letter “T”? 😀 Heard you are a great chess player, both you and your brother, keep up the good work!

  4. 1. For Makteh,
    i don’t know yet. come back laaaa.

    2. For Auntie Mamafiza,
    thank you for writing to me. what does your son like in tnmt?

    3. For Auntie Mektwain,
    wow i want to ask umi for twins. tehran is the capital of iran. bye auntie.

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