The Million-heir
Because i want to be a Millionaire

Johnny English Reborn

Directed By Oliver Parker


Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English
Gillian Anderson as ‘Pegasus’
Rosamund Pike as Kate Summer
Dominic West as Simon Ambrose
Daniel Kaluuya as Tucker
Richard Schiff as Patch Quartermain

Distributed by Universal Pictures


Johnny English is learning martial arts in Tibet.

His martial art guru, Ting Wang, is actually a M17 secret agent but Johnny doesn’t know it yet.

The teacher said ‘Mind must be Master Of the Body’.

After the training he went back to London, to the M17 headquarters (Toshiba).

Then after that he met the Boss of the company, ‘Pegasus’, he was assigned to mission in Macau, Honk Kong.

 His Chinese contact got murdered in a casino, when he died Johnny a poker chip in his hand.

(I’ve Told Enough,Watch It, Its Fun!)


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