The Million-heir
Because i want to be a Millionaire

Tok Wen’s New House!

The house is in Bangi, Mutiara Bangi.

Well not exactly this one, this one is a 3-story house, Tok Wen’s is only 1-story high, but its Long, Huge,Large and Big!.

Tok Wen and her husband Tok Wan, Are Millionaires and that’s why i want to be like them and so will my parents.

My Uncle, Pak Ngah, Is very Hardworking.

In the house he is the Mechanic, Plumber, Carpenter and stuff like that.

After the House was built we went to do a Celebration! Woo! 😀 , Me and my siblings (Musa Not Included) and also my cousins took a Mud-Bathe!

It was Fun!, and by the way Musa didn’t want to join because he said he had no more clothes and also he did not want to waste his clothes, then i said “You Have Plenty of Clothes” and he said “Never Mind, i’m just gonna watch Harry Potter” i said,”Okay”.

The End.


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