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Fast Food At Tahfiz

After Solat Jumaat we (Me, Umar, Musa and Amsyar) went to McDonald’s®, because to buy our food.

We bought 2 Prosperities Burgers™ Beef for me and Amsyar, and for Umar and Musa they bought Big Macs™ one each and also we bought   4 McDonald’s® ice cream sundaes, and guess how much was the price… RM54.90!!!, my friend said “that was cheap!” then i said “No its Not!, You said that ’cause you didn’t have to pay” and he said “Okay, Okay… Relax”, then i took my wallet and pull out my money and counted, after that i only had RM51.00 then we tried to delete 1 McDonald’s® ice cream sundae, the went down to RM51.90. then we paid, but i sacrificed  my McDonald’s® ice cream sundae, luckily Amsyar’s father was there,so he bought me a new McDonald’s® ice cream sundae, Woo!!!.

After that, we went back to Tahfiz, when we got there our class started, so we ran to the kitchen and put our stuffs there, we put our McDonald’s® ice cream sundaes in the fridge, Burgers near the microwave, drinks in the cool box and fries at the table.

After Class we went running to the kitchen to see our food, *sigh* they were safe, then the Maid came and said “What Are You Doing Here?”, Umar Said “To See Our Fooood?”, Bibik “Hmmm…”.

After that we went outside to eat, we sat down, Ustazah came out, our hearts were pounding, we were thinking that Ustazah is gonna make us share with the other kids, and you know what?…. that happened, Umar was crying a bit, Amsyar was upset, Musa said “Noooooo!!!!” and i said “if you are cutting our burgers into half your like cutting our hearts into half” and the others said “That’s Right”, and by the way the girls bought Pizza from Pizza Hut™.

Then Ustazah continued “You have to share, and sharing is caring!, and you want pizza right? well… trade some burgers!” then Umar replied “We Don’t want pizza” and Ustazah answers “C’mon just give some please…” and then our teacher continued “if you see one person that saw you eating something delicious, and he/she swallows their own saliva and your not sharing, you get a sin” after that  all the girls swallowed their saliva, then Ustazah said “Don’t do that, and do you want them (us) to get sins and go to Hell?” then the girls said “No”, after that we boys shared our food 😦 🙂

The End


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  1. astaghfirullah..boycott mcD dear

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