The Million-heir
Because i want to be a Millionaire

Happy Feet 2

Directed by: George Miller

                    Happy Feet 2

Characters: Erik (The Small One Who Wants To Be a Flying Penguin Like The Mighty Sven),Atticus (Erik’s Best Big Fat Friend), Boadicia (Erik’s Best Yodelling Friend), The Mighty Sven (The One And Only Flying “Penguin” That Ever Lived ) , Mumble (The Father Of Erik and Character from Happy Feet 1) , Bill The Krill (A  Friend That Wants To Help Will also a Krill), Will The Krill (An Impatience Krill), Gloria (Mother of Erik)

On one day, the Emperor Penguins were Happy, Dancing and Singing.

Erik Wasn’t Dancing Because He’s Too Short, So Then He Was Just Watching the Penguins Dancing by the Corner.

His Dad, Mumble, Saw That He Wasn’t Dancing, Then He Asked “Why Aren’t You Dancing?” Then Erik Said “I’m Too Short And I Don’t Know How To Dance” Mumble Said “I Can Teach You How to Dance, Its Easy” Mumble Continued “First Put Your Right Feet Out and Tap it” “Look How I Do It” Erik Saw And He Tried, He Was Doing it Great Everyone Saw and They Were Clapping Until Then Erik Skidded on the Ice Ramp and He Went Really Fast up the Sky And Landed With His Head In The Snow and Accidently Urinated then Everyone Laughed, After That Erik Heard Everyone Was Laughing and Felt Humiliated and He Went Running To His Hole. (That’s My Favourite Part)

Fin, The End.


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