The Million-heir
Because i want to be a Millionaire

Door to Door

Director: Steven Schachter

Starring: William H. Macy, Kyra Sedgwick and Kathy Baker

Bill Porter is Handicapped, He Had a Sickness Called “Lapsy” Since Birth.

He lives with his mother, Mrs. Porter.

One day his mother told him to get a job, his mother wanted him to be a successful door-to-door salesman, he said okay.

The next day he went for an interview at the Watkins Company, sadly they didn’t want him, when he went down he saw he’s mother waiting, he didn’t want his mother to be upset so he went back up, then said”I’ll Take The Job That Nobody Else Wants” then the Boss asked “Do You Really Want This Job?” he answered “Yes, I Do”, after that he went down and got to his mother and showed her his briefcase, his mother was very happy for him.

And on that very day he went to work, his mother drove him through the neighbourhood and told him everything that he needs to know, his mother stopped and told him “Go Do Your Job, Son” and he just smiled, he had alot of rejections, it was lunch time, he went to a bus stop bench and took out his sandwich his mother packed, then he saw words on the bread, “Patience and Persistence” and again he smiles 🙂

Soo… That’s All That I Can Tell and Watch the Movie!

©Primetime Emmy™ Award for Outstanding Made For Television Movie (2001-2010)

(Door to Door (2003)


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