The Million-heir
Because i want to be a Millionaire


i woke up at 9:00am,then i went to school.

When i arrived i saw like there’s nobody i thought the class was over then i went to the computer section and i saw Umar and the others were playing the computer, i asked “Is it Break?” then Umar said “No, Ustazah isn’t here yet” and they were playing this game called ‘MotherLoad’.

The game was about ‘Collecting Gold, Treasure, Silver and Stuff’.

It was 10:00am(Recess), Ustazah came and we all looked at her and then Umar said “Its Break” and then Ustazah said “Hmm..” and then we continued playing.

After playing we ate ‘Cucur Sayur’ then we solat ‘Dhuha’, Musa Was Imam.

while i was praying Dzikrullah was taking my glasses off and punching real hard, when finished i punched him in the shoulder and he said “Tak Payahlaa..”, then i told Ustazah about what happened and he got smacked by Ustazah.

After that we were back to class, Ustazah told me to recite 2 pages of tilawah and to finish Al-Mulk 20 until 25.

I was sitting next to a boy name Dzikrullah, he’s 5 years old.

People don’t like sitting next to him because he would bother us when we’re reciting the Quran, and he would do his mouth breath thing, its so disgusting first he would open his mouth and show his black disgusting smelly teeth at us and breathe.

After the whole disgusting thing happened i took his Iqra’ then i said “Siapa Suruh Buat Tu?” and what he did was really getting Ustazah mad, he put his feet on my Quran and then i told Ustazah what happened then Ustazah put him next in front by the door, the punishment was to read 5 pages of Iqra’ and get the pink Rehal :P.

Then i felt so Happy! because here he isn’t here next to me.


The End


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