The Million-heir
Because i want to be a Millionaire

At School!

We went there at 9:30am, when we got there everyone was asking “Why Are You Guys Late?” then we said “We Don’t Know”.

So then we took our Rehals, and my friend Umar said “It’s 10:30 We’re Finished!” then we put our Rehals back, by the way it was only 9:45, so i said to Umar “Its Not Break Yet La, Look at The Clock” then he said “Ha Uh la” then all said “Apa Laaa…”.

After that we put our Rehals back to our seats, Ustazah told me to memorize Surah Mulk 15-20 and so i did, when i was finished memorizing Ustazah called me to recite her the Surah and guess what… i Passed Alhamdulillah.

Then i went back to my seat, next to Umar, then i asked him “Have Anymore Ghost Stories?” he said “Yes, Which one do you wanna hear first? “Bloody Mary” or “Red Kebaya”? ” i said “Which Ones The Scariest?” He Said “Bloody Mary” i Said “I Want To Hear About “Red Kebaya”” then he said “Penakut” i said, “Mana Ada, i Wanted to save the best for the last” he said “Fine” after that he told me the story.

The Story was about a Lady who wanders on a street… All Night, the first victim was a guy, He Was Driving a Kancil at night.

When he was driving he saw a Red Kebaya mysteriously appeared out of nowhere, so then he turned away, Luckily he didn’t died then he was brought to the Hospital, he told the Ustaz that he saw a Red Kebaya in the street, the Ustaz said “I’ll try To do Everything i can” the Ustaz can just get her away from the street, then one day there was a man jogging on that street after that he saw a lady and she said “hello” (high pitch) the guy turned then Red Kebaya rapidly ate him. By, Umar Arif

So That’s the story about Red Kebaya.

When the story was finished i didn’t realize that we were finished memorizing, then Ustazah said “Hurry! get ready to solat Dhuha”.

So then we took our ablutions, Umar was Imam.

The End!


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