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3 weeks at Tahfiz(week 1)

I woke up at 4:00 am, then i went up to the “Surau” on the way i saw bats flying around me, then my friend Aiman(water boy) told me to look down when i go up to the “Surau” .

After i went up the “Surau” while waiting for Ustaz i rest(sleep) then when Ustaz comes someone alarms and wakes me and my brother up.

After Ustaz came we did  our “tahjudd” and “witir” prayers then we recite the Quran(when Musa opens the quran he sleeps).

Untill 8:00 am we went down to change and went out to practice marching for the “kem terendak” after that we ate “nasi lemak”  and took our bath.

Untill 9:00 am we must go up for our “Dhuha” prayers then we recite the Quran after that we went down for lunch and break.

Untill 3:00 pm then we went up again for “tajwid” class then we had our “zohor” prayers.

Untill 5:00 pm we played football and took shower and also had our dinner.

Untill 7:00 pm we had our “maghrib” prayers and again we recited the Quran and took our “isha’ ” prayers.

Untill 10:00 pm we slept.


One Response to “3 weeks at Tahfiz(week 1)”

  1. hai tak ada kerja ke korang ni

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