The Million-heir
Because i want to be a Millionaire


I play tennis every Tuesday, my coach told me to bounce the ball 50 times. this is the picture the time i fought my coach, it was fun he never misses one except the one i did that almost hit a car on the road, you know he said nothing he just laughed like this “hahahahaha!!!”.

This is musa playing tennis and you know what his not wearing his underwear haha i know because he told me that, and he looks like a nerd because he’s wearing shorts and high socks haha. This is maryam, she is practicing with me, she likes to pose when abi takes the picture, every time when we play tennis she likes to wear the sailor shirt whether it is raining or not haha.This is my little sister sarah, she’s practicing with my mom,she also wants to play right, and you know what she is wearing my grandmother’s university cap haha we bought it at the bundle $10 bucks. that’s all for today bye


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