The Million-heir
Because i want to be a Millionaire

the message

one day there a three mans on a horsese sanding massage from allah throw prophet muhammad.

the three mans to three countrys for sending message to the kings of rome and egypt and also etiopia.

there are four mans are talking about islam.

they are muslim.

they are talking in a sceret room

they all walk one by one.

the Quraisy did not know that they talk about islam if they talk about islam the Quraisy laeder will slap with a sharp rope and than put a very big stone.

the one who had hit by the big stone and slap, the name is bilal.

bilal is a slave.

bilal became a muslim.

bilal and the muslim in mekah said there’s only one god and muhammad is he’s messanger.


2 Responses to “the message”

  1. Hallo darling, assalamualaikum..miss me? miss me not? hey, it’s coach Aisyah here. wondering how big r u now..ngeh ngeh..nway, just drop by to say that i miss u even u are so so nakal..hahhaa…i’m in Poland now..well…working. send my regards to ur ummie und abie. and for u big bro, doaku semoga kamu menjadi abang yang baik sekali.. =)

    p/s=can i borrow The Message jgn btau ummie coach Aisyah tak tgk lagi….haha

  2. muhammad, how r u? mak lang n pak lang doing great here in melbourne. wah, saw ur picture rock-climbing! so much like spiderman! cayaaa lah!

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