The Million-heir
Because i want to be a Millionaire

bugs life

Once upon a time there was a hard working ant.

It is Flik who like’s to invent things.

Princess Atta and her sister Dot and then there was their mother too.

The grasshoppers came to find food but there’s no food.

Flik is scared because Flik accidentally made the food fell down into the river.

The grasshoppers ask the princess, ‘where’s my food?’

‘Out there sir’ said the princess.

‘There’s no food out there. You think i’m stupid? let me see.. go.. go.. had oh my god what did you do ants?’

‘Come bring the wild hopper’

“Roar! Roar!’ said Thumper the wild hopper.

‘Aaaaaa’ said Dot.   ‘Its okay, it is just a wild hopper’ said Hopper.

‘What are you hoppers waiting let’s ride’

After that the hoppers went back to their colony.


2 Responses to “bugs life”

  1. hi muhammad! this is a good review (as your mom recommended). keep on writing ok! who knows auntie will see you name in one of the newspaper columns!


  2. hello abang!!!!!!!!!kenapa abang tak nak habis kan bugs life?

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