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amazing animals

March 19, 2008

what do you call a baby kangaroo ? the siberian tiger is the largest cat in the world , growing up to 2 metres-not counting the tail being so huge. it is longer than musa and me together. Wow! the ibex can live at heights of more than 5,500 metres. the cheetah is the fastest […]

robots and books and capitals

March 10, 2008

i love robots because robots are powerful than a barbie. barbies are not as strong as a robots. robots also can fly to the space and they can shoot very far than a long achery or arrow. i love books because it can make us learn.i like books of animals. what is the capital of […]

what i did yesterday

March 10, 2008

Yesterday i slept and i woke up at 9.00 am. i had breakfast with my family. for lunch we went to a wedding. in the evening we went to a karate class. sensei told me i must punch 100 times but i punch 200 times.